Dottie Tangerine in the House

A client installation of DOTTIE tangerine for her office. In her words: "Please see attached photos of your gorgeous wallpaper coupled with a Barbara Hulanicki (rice) wallpaper.  This is what will be my office off of my living room and kitchen area.  I adore it!" This makes us very happy.

Marilyn in the House

Our client Michael sent us this photo of Marilyn on his wall. We think she is very glamorous! Printed on our "Silver Shimmer", she always looks good in the spotlight. Thank you Michael! 

Dottie in the House

We're so excited to see DOTTIE dancing across the walls of our friend Miranda's classic bungalow bathroom. DOTTIE is printed on heavy duty, water-resistant textured vinyl in our "clay" colorway. We hope DOTTIE and Miranda share many happy years together!

Heidi Hess Photography


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out these virtual room scenes using my wallpaper! I have to say, we were surprised ourselves at how a lot of the patterns translated to the wall. We hope you find them helpful for visualizing your own space!


Hmmmm, did "No. 2 Pencil" become "Mustard" or was that PMS 606? Having fun coming up with color names for my collection!  Sky, Stone, Mud, Earth, Water, much fun!